Nesburg School of Business and Management

Nesburg School of Business and Management (NSBM) Africa’s foremost Persuasion School of Business. We raise graduates of exceptional capabilities who are able to deliver excellent results in the most demanding of global business environments and are genuinely committed to making a difference.


Our Vision is to Raise Global Wealth Creators.
NSBM follows a dynamic and motivated approach to its Training’s and well-rounded courses in order to stimulate qualitative reasoning, to create and boost persuasive quotient, to proffer practical solutions and transform obstacles into opportunities by the provision of our context-relevant, research-led and student-centred Persuasion programs designed to empower the next era of global business leaders.

Our Mission is to be globally recognized as the business school that prepares a network of impact leaders with timeless value through the skill of Persuasion.


Our Approach

Our holistic approach to education allows us to view participants as much more than mere employees of the future. In doing so, we aim to inculcate the “Possibility Mentality”-a passionate love for daring the IMPOSSIBLE in each and every one stepping over our threshold. This kindles in them an urge for expanding their knowledge on a continuous basis. In today’s technology intensive world, where change is constant, an entrepreneur or intrapreneur who is keen on upgrading his/ her Persuasive skills is a great asset to himself or any organization and this is what our participants can transform into..

Our approach also enables us to be highly responsive to different learning styles and needs. Our faculty is committed to promoting a healthy, collaborative environment that is compelling to both the academy and practitioners. This fosters better and more effective learning for all. Active learning, interaction, reflection and questioning are encouraged so that every student participates to the maximum and thus gets fully involved in the process. This, in turn, ensures that he or she gains a deep understanding and appreciation of the course.