Unexpected events occur frequently in all aspects of our daily environment whether in a factory, at work or major organizations. Understanding the importance and challenges to individuals when addressing crisis management or emergency situations is vital for the safety and security of individual, revenues, and reputation in an organization. For leaders, crisis management can be the most painful experience that will test whether they are fit to be who they are in the organization.


Why Leadership and Crisis Management?

This course will show you how to recognize and respond to the tactics difficult people use at work, at home and in customer service environments. This course will teach you how to keep calm, composed and professional when faced with challenging situations and confrontational behavior. You will further learn how to develop specific strategies for conflict resolution and recognize personality types with which you may clash.


What to Achieve?

  • Establish a system to prevent some issues into magnifying into a crisis
  • Understand the basic concept and technique of persuasion
  • Learn how to handle difficult people within the organization
  • Establish a crisis management team in the organization
  • Identify the relationship between leadership and crisis management within an organization
  • Choose effective ways of communicating when dealing with difficult people


Who Should Attend?

Managers, Senior Managers, Team Leaders, Director, CEO, Entrepreneur and anyone interested in learning the skills required in managing people within an organization.


Industries for Leadership and Crisis Management

All industries


TUITION FEE: N25,000 (100% Tuition Scholarship applicable)


CERTIFICATION & GRADUATION: 5,000 (Five thousand Naira Only)



Kindly note that we are currently running a 100% Tuition scholarship for all our online courses. This implies that registered students do not need to pay the N25,000 tuition fee. However, certification and graduation fees are compulsory after you have taken your courses and assessment.


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