Every day we face the challenge of persuading others to do what we want. But what makes people particularly responsive to our arguments, requests and products? Persuasion is an art and also a science of influencing others to get what we want. Have you pondered why we all are not wealthy? It's Simple. Your 'Persuasive Quotient' is the bridge between value and reward. With Persuasion skills, you can create a desire and increase value estimation of what you have to offer.


Why Persuasive Communication?

This training will examine the fundamental principles of persuasive oral and written communication with emphasis on logical development, documentation and delivery. It will specifically focus on how the sender, message, channel and receiver can impact on successful persuasion. Furthermore, at the end of this course you are assured of becoming an effective persuader, a more critical listener and responsible good communicator in your chosen career.


What to achieve?

  • Understand the principles of persuasive speaking and communication
  • Learn to apply the fundamental persuasion principles to win support for your ideas, initiatives, products and other requests.
  • To demonstrate active listening
  • Deliver persuasive speeches of varying lengths and complexity
  • Learn to use a variety of persuasion techniques in different scenarios.


Who Should Attend?

Everyone interested in getting what they want from other people


Industries for Persuasive Communication

It is required for all the industries.


TUITION FEE: N25,000 (100% Tuition Scholarship applicable)


CERTIFICATION & GRADUATION: 5,000 (Five thousand Naira Only)



Kindly note that we are currently running a 100% Tuition scholarship for all our online courses. This implies that registered students do not need to pay the N25,000 tuition fee. However, certification and graduation fees are compulsory after you have taken your courses and assessment.


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