Persuasion and negotiation skills enable successful people to influence the thinking and behavior of others and to facilitate an effective dissemination of information to a team or individual through effective communication skills. People who have such skills build strong relationships, employ greater influence on their colleagues and plan a positive image of themselves and their organization.


Why Persuasion and Negotiation?

This course will emphasize persuasive communication strategies and applied negotiation techniques for participants. It will further seek to help students become more informed, critical senders and receivers of persuasive messages in their professional and everyday lives.


What to Achieve?

  • Understand the concept of persuasion and negotiation
  • Communicate in a persuasive way during negotiation process
  • Know the principle that support effective communication with people
  • Understand the various approaches to negotiation
  • Become a good active listener
  • Handle emotions, difficult situations and objections during negotiation process
  • Build a good and lasting relationship with clients and prospects.


Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at individuals who are looking to improve their negotiation skills to enable and facilitate decisions that achieve a win-win outcome through persuasion techniques.


Industries for Persuasion and Negotiation

The knowledge of persuasion and negotiation is useful in within all industries.


TUITION FEE: N25,000 (100% Tuition Scholarship applicable)


CERTIFICATION & GRADUATION: 5,000 (Five thousand Naira Only)



Kindly note that we are currently running a 100% Tuition scholarship for all our online courses. This implies that registered students do not need to pay the N25,000 tuition fee. However, certification and graduation fees are compulsory after you have taken your courses and assessment.


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