Knowledge about branding has become increasingly important for companies around the globe. Branding is all about perception and satisfying the needs of your consumer. People buy one product or another based on the perceived benefit or solution they believe the product will offer them. These are often considered to be organizations most valuable assets where the origin of this value resides in the mind of the consumer.


Why Persuasive Branding?

This course focuses on how to analyze, evaluate and manage a brand. The purpose of this course is to provide a thorough understanding of branding processes and how it can be achieved through persuasion. It will further equip you with the tools and techniques of achieving maximum effectiveness in branding as well as providing you with a detailed grounding in the principles of persuasion.


What to Achieve?

At the end of this course, students will achieve the following:
  • Provide students with theories, models and other analytical tools to make branding decisions better and accepted by consumer.
  • Understand the importance of brand for persuasive communication.
  • Understand the value of brands for consumer decision making.
  • Learn about how to manage brand over time and how to introduce a new product into the market
  • Have a general view on how to measure brand equity


Who Should Attend?

Brand managers, CEO, Director, Entrepreneur and interested individual


Industries for Persuasive Branding

This course is designed for all industries


TUITION FEE: N25,000 (100% Tuition Scholarship applicable)


CERTIFICATION & GRADUATION: 5,000 (Five thousand Naira Only)



Kindly note that we are currently running a 100% Tuition scholarship for all our online courses. This implies that registered students do not need to pay the N25,000 tuition fee. However, certification and graduation fees are compulsory after you have taken your courses and assessment.


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