Who can get our certification?

Anyone who desires to make an impact in the business world can take our courses. But basically, you need to have at least a level of formal education to take these courses.

Of what value will it add to the recipient?

Our course contents are designed by the best in the industry, with regards to local knowledge relevance. After taking our courses, you will become a better entrepreneur, manager and wealth creator.

What are the requirements for our certification?

At least a basic formal education and a passion for wealth creation.

At what level can an undergraduate and a graduate enroll for your certification?

Most of our students are graduates who are at different levels in their career. We welcome both undergraduates and graduates to take our courses.

What is the process of lectures and sitting for examinations?

We have both online and classroom courses. Our assessments are taken online. We are in the process of updating our classroom training schedules on the website.

What is the period of your examination?

Our online exams are for 1 hour, except if otherwise stated.

Do you intent to start a certification in project management and when?

Yes. We have project management for classroom training. We will inform you about the schedule shortly.

Which of your programmes can an accounting graduate and a psychology undergraduate enroll for, and what is the duration?

People from various fields take our courses. This is because the knowledge is applicable for everyone at different levels.

Do I pay for certificate?

Yes. You will be required to pay as little as $30 for the certificate.

How do I receive my certificate?

Certificates could be picked up at our office in Lagos or could be posted to you at any location worldwide. However Courier fees are charged for this.